Northern Monmouth County Branch NJ AAUW History

AAUW is a national organization that was founded in 1881 for women college graduates. Today it is an organization with 170,000 members and supporters. The organization has members in 1000 branches in the 50 states and Washington DC and 800 college and university partners.

There are 22 branches of AAUW in New Jersey; Northern Monmouth County is the largest branch with over 160 members.

The Northern Monmouth County branch of AAUW was founded in 1928 and draws its membership primarily from northern Monmouth County.

Members of the branch have left an indelible mark on Monmouth County. letters
Branch members have played pivotal roles in establishing:
In the 1980's, the group joined with other women's organizations to change laws and regulations that helped to clean up local beaches and ocean waters.

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